Ceramic Coating in Runnemede NJ

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Offering Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction in Camden County NJ

Stayshine Detailing offers high-quality mobile ceramic coating and paint correction in Runnemede NJ and the surrounding areas while only using the best products, including IGL Coatings.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating


It looks fantastic


It adds a layer of protection


It is easy to clean

Ceramic Coating Packages


Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections in the surface of the paint, such as water spots, minor scratches, bird dropping, and oxidation. It is a necessary step to most ceramic coating jobs that calls for special polishing machines and pads. Every vehicle requires a different process or combination of machines based on the curves of the panels.

a before and after of auto detailing from Stayshine Detailing
a before and after auto detailing from Stayshine Detailing

We Use Quality Products by Undrdog

Undrdog products are tested by professionals and guaranteed to perform. Undrdog turns worn down surfaces into lasting finishes using protective coating technology.

Top Choice for Ceramic Coating in New Jersey

We Only Use the Best Products

IGL Coatings offers sustainable nanotechnology automotive coating products that emit low and zero VOCs. We proudly use the products below:

Quartz IGL Coatings

Protection: Up to 2 Years

Ecocoat Quartz, IGL Coating’s high solid ceramic coating, is REACH compliant, emits low VOCs, and is free from carcinogenic chemicals. After application, paint appears very reflective and is resistant to harsh chemicals, minor scratches, and dullness.

Kenzo IGL Coatings

Protection: Up to 5 Years

Ecocoat Kenzo is our flagship REACH compliant ceramic coating which pioneered the 100% active material formulation for ceramic coatings. Synthesised using the latest nanotechnology and graphene nano-platelets, the new and improved Graphene Reinforced Ecocoat Kenzo has an increased durability of up to 5 years and a higher resistance to water-spots. Ecocoat Kenzo’s unmatched clarity and gloss radiates a rich and natural glow reminiscence of bespoke wax and its thick 10H hardness layer protects 12 times longer than waxes.